Tripsavr Lite 

Tripsavr is an online booking platform that gives you access to over 1,000,000 hotels and
resorts around the world, 8,000 car rental locations and thousands of guided tours and
Get rewarded for each and every journey you undertake. Save and earn while you explore the

 The Tripsavr Lite package includes:
  • Tripsavr account with 1,000 Travel Savings for you to enjoy great discounts on your booking
  • This package and your Tripsavr account are valid for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.
  • All reservations made are subject to availability and strictly on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • This package can be shared with your family and friends but is strictly NOT FOR RESALE or for other commercial purposes.
  • The Travel Savings in your package can only be used in conjunction with a reservation made on the Tripsavr booking platform.
  • You may be able to use the Travel Savings in your package for one or multiple reservations in each session. However, the amount that is applied to each reservation is determined by the parameters of your search, the savings available for the products and services that you have selected on the Tripsavr booking platform.
  • Each reservation must be paid using a valid credit card such as a Visa or MasterCard, eCard or Travel Credits and must be paid at the point of booking or check-in at the hotel depending on the condition of the reservation.
  • Each reservation has a unique set of conditions and cancellation policy imposed by the relevant merchant which must be agreed to prior to confirmation.
  • All costs of cancellation or non-utilization of the bookings shall be borne solely by you. No refund shall be given for no-show(s), early check-out(s) and/or unutilized night(s).
  • Should there be any balance left after deduction of any penalty as a result of the cancellation of a reservation, it shall be refunded to you according to your mode of payment. However, there shall be no refund of the Travel Savings used for the reservation.
  • Once an existing reservation is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated.
  • The Travel Savings in the package have no cash surrender value, credit value or other implied value.
  • Your Tripsavr account will be automatically renewed when you purchase a new Tripsavr package prior to the expiry date. The new expiry date of your Tripsavr account will be 5 years from the last purchase date.
  • If you do not renew your account, it will automatically be deactivated.
  • Once your account is deactivated, any balance of Travel Savings and/or Travel Credits will be forfeited.
  • Upon deactivation, you will have to purchase a new Tripsavr package in order to activate your Tripsavr account.
  • Misuse of this package may result in immediate termination or suspension.
  • Tripsavr Programme Rules apply. 

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